Rancho Compasión and Blackberry Creek

About This Sanctuary

Rancho Compasión’s mission is to provide a loving, lifelong home for rescued farmed animals, and to change public perception about animals typically viewed as “food”. Our Sanctuary promotes a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle for the sake of non-human animals, our planet, social justice, and our physical wellbeing.

Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary was founded in November of 2014 by two middle school teachers who wanted to pair their love of animals and their concern for students to create a more compassionate world. By partnering children and adults who have suffered loss, trauma, neglect, or loneliness with animals who have experienced the same, magic is sparked. Friendships born between humans and animals encourage people to think of them as individuals with feelings and personalities, and the empathy born from these relationships creates kindness and goodwill toward all creatures and all people, something this world could use a great deal more of. Click the links below to learn more.

Location: Nicasio, California

Phone Number: (415) 250-1099


• Must have reliable transportation to a participating chapter

• Must be available to meet monthly time commitments (see application for varying sanctuary dates/times).