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Leaders for Ethics, Animals, and the Planet

Why Support LEAP?

LEAP goes beyond any traditional model that has ever come before by combining interactive teacher-developed curriculum, hands-on workshops, service learning, and a nationwide network of mentors to create a truly unique and immersive humane education experience for students.

By collecting data from student participants and participating sanctuaries throughout each year, we analyze the impact each dollar has in order to maximize reach and enhance student outcomes. Our goal is to create a chain reaction of compassion by cultivating a new generation of changemakers who not only understand the complex connections between animal agriculture, climate change, and the modern food system, but come away from the program with the tools to effect positive change. At their schools, amongst their peers, within their families, and in their communities, LEAP students will lead the way for ethics, animals, and the planet.


Make a one-time donation

A one-time gift can be directed to staffing, student scholarships, curriculum materials, or general operating expenses. Each and every gift is currently being matched by an anonymous donor up to $150k!

Pledge a monthly gift

By establishing a monthly donation, you allow the LEAP staff to be able to plan how many sanctuaries and students will be able to benefit from the LEAP program (at no cost to them) each year. Simply select the “monthly recurring” option when setting up your gift.

Become a LEAP member

Launching this fall, our monthly membership program will help you stay connected to what’s going on in the program and gives you exclusive updates from LEAP students and ambassador animals.

Pledge matching funds

If you or your company believes in the work of the LEAP organization, pledging matching funds to motivate others to give to our cause, is a highly impactful option. Donors are 82% more likely to give if they know their donation will be matched. Contact our Executive Director to set up your match at:

Corporate sponsorship

Your company can choose to sponsor the LEAP program and receive advertising in our newsletter and on our website and social media platforms. We also welcome in-kind donations of vegan products to prepare for LEAP student lunches at participating sanctuaries. Contact our Executive Director to set up your sponsorship at:

Leave a legacy

When setting up your trust or will, you can choose to leave a legacy by leaving a financial gift to future LEAP students. Contact us at for more information.


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