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Leaders for Ethics, Animals, and the Planet

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LEAP (Leaders for Ethics, Animals, and the Planet) is the first-of-its-kind humane education program to reach high school students as a compassionate alternative to traditional agricultural programs like 4H and FFA.

Our LEAP Curriculum Overview


Students will gather with their local LEAP chapter for monthly classroom lessons and will learn from experts in various animal and environmentally related fields. Each year of the program, we will focus on certain topics, such as the ethics of eating, climate change and eco anxiety, farmed animal welfare, and the challenges and solutions related to these topics.


Students attend hands-on workshops at local sanctuaries or other participating organizations to participate in activities such as animal care, rewilding projects, habitat clean-up, veterinary demonstrations, community gardening, vegan cooking classes, and more.


LEAPers participate in service hours each month ranging from assisting with sanctuary tours and events, helping with public outreach and education, serving at community wellness clinics, cleaning habitats and caring for animals, assisting with local rewilding projects and wildlife habitat clean-up,  gardening, and helping with other projects of interest to them at their local sanctuary or in their communities.

What sets LEAP apart from other agricultural scholarship programs?

LEAPers will have many of the same opportunities that other agriculture programs offer – working with other LEAPers from around the region, participating in local events, learning from experts and mentors, receiving financial compensation for their work, and, of course, spending time with the animals–but without the financial and emotional burden of raising and showing a slaughter-bound animal. 

LEAP student meeting foal at Jameson Humane.

What makes a great LEAPer?

  • Candidates for the LEAP program understand the social responsibility they have as the next generation of leaders, and want to make a difference in their communities. They are ready and eager for leadership training and have a desire to change the current system for animals, human health, and the planet.
  • They are students who are already enrolled in or interested in joining an agricultural learning program but do not feel that the primary offerings are right for them or aligned with their values.
  • They are interested in the outdoors, physical learning, community involvement, connecting with animals, healthy eating, human and animal rights, food systems, and caring for our environment.

Why consider LEAP for your student?

  • With a diverse array of learning methods–such as construction projects, basic veterinary care, and public outreach–students will become adept at:

public interface and networking


group leadership and personal leadership: leading by example, and leading a life aligned with their ethics


problem solving


practical hands-on skills, whether on the ranch or in the office


social-emotional learning and empathy

  • Commitment to the animal sanctuary residents, rain or shine, teaches patience, dependability, and resilience.
  • Students will be rewarded with a certificate of completion, letters of recommendation, and be connected with a vast network of nonprofits and mentors.
  • Students also have the opportunity to apply for competitive scholarships of $500 or $1000 each year they participate in LEAP to be used for college or career training. 
Teen looking at goat Blackberry Creek Sanctuary

Families will not be required to pay for expensive feed, animal husbandry equipment, medical costs, and other financial burdens associated with traditional animal ag programs.

Most importantly, LEAP encourages students that empathy for others is a strength, not a weakness. With humanity at a major crossroads, there’s no better time for our youth to leap forward into a more compassionate and forward-thinking society.


  • Must have reliable transportation to a participating chapter.
  • Must be available to meet monthly time commitments (see application for varying sanctuary dates/times).

Find a Participating LEAP Hub Near You

LEAP is currently up and running at a variety of sanctuaries around the U.S. If you are interested in participating, see our sanctuaries below