Step One: Sign The Student Handbook agreementS

Step Two: Fill Out The LEAP Application Form

STEP One: Complete Student Handbook

PLEASE NOTE: The following Leap Hubs are full and not currently accepting applications:

  • Unity Farm Sanctuary
  • Iowa Farm Sanctuary
  • Only Sunshine
  • Harvest Home
  • Jameson Humane
  • Oliver and Friends
  • Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
  • Farm Animal Refuge
  • Indraloka

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1Welcome To Leap
2LEAP Policies
3Liability Waiver
4Photo Waiver and Release


We are so excited to have you aboard and to guide you through this learning journey!

This Handbook, and its included policies, sets out our expectations for your involvement in the LEAP internship program and ask that you and a parent or guardian both sign to acknowledge you have read and understand these expectations.

This Handbook also includes Agreements that must be signed before you may participate as a LEAP Intern. This includes a required liability waiver form and a photo release form. Please review these documents with your parents, any professionals your parents ordinarily consult, and sign all documents where indicated.

If you have any questions, please email


The program will run for the duration of the 2023-2024 school year. This program is not a form of employment and there should be no expectation of employment with any of the sanctuaries after completion of the program. Participants in this internship program are high school students who may later be eligible to compete for a scholarship upon completion of the following requirements during the above period. In order to qualify, an intern must complete each of the following:

  • Interns must complete at least 9 hours of programming each month, including monthly LEAP education sessions, hands-on workshops, and other hands-on activities at their designated Sanctuary or within the community alongside their Sanctuary (to be coordinated with a Sanctuary supervisor). Only one session may be missed in order to be eligible to participate in competitive scholarship projects and applications.
  • Interns must attend a 1.5 hour monthly education sessions followed by a half hour plant-based lunch, and a monthly 3 hour hands-on workshop in person at their designated Sanctuary (day varies by Sanctuary). Additionally, interns must participate in 4 service hours monthly at their designated Sanctuary or in conjunction with their sanctuary at community outreach and/or education events. (days and times vary by Sanctuary).
  • Interns must respond to requests, in the form of short surveys and exit interviews for feedback about the program.
  • Interns understand and agree to learn about sensitive topics regarding animal agriculture and exploitation, and view materials such as but not limited to documentaries, articles, images, and personal anecdotes about animal abuse, mental and physical harm, and neglect.
  • Interns must agree to be photographed and video recorded during their time in LEAP and have said photos, videos, interviews, and quotations shared to the website, social media channels, print materials, and blogs of LEAP and participating sanctuaries.

The above are the baseline requirements for apply to compete for end of year scholarships. To get the most out of the program, interns should be active participants in all sessions, contributing to discussions, asking questions, being willing to lend a hand, and being respectful of all other interns, staff, and volunteers.

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Please Do Not Proceed to The Next From Until The Handbook has Been Signed and Completed.

STEP TWO: Application

Timeline 2023-2024

Note: LEAP Timeline Varies By Sanctuary

Please refer to the sanctuary you have applied with for the LEAP curriculum timeline.