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In April of this year, a 9-year-old girl in Northern California who was raising a 4-H goat named Cedar decided that she couldn’t go through with giving up her friend to be killed, as the program demands. The fair board, which runs the 4-H program, decided that was unacceptable and sent sheriff’s deputies to seize Cedar, then had him slaughtered almost immediately. The story made national news and the case goes to court in October.

Every year across America, a growing number of young people in 4-H and FFA programs find themselves in terrible conflict because they become distressed by the prospect of selling the animals they’ve cared for to be killed. But there is now a thriving crop of alternative programs for students that offer agricultural experience and scholarship opportunities–without the killing. On the next Voices For The Animals, we’ll speak with Danielle Hanosh, Executive Director of the LEAP program, which is now available in 16 states (including Oregon)!