Lancaster Farm Sanctuary

About This Sanctuary

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary (LFS) is located in Lancaster, PA-one of the most animal ag intensive counties in the world. LFS was founded in 2017 because of a need in our community for a farmed animal sanctuary with a focus on intersectional advocacy work. LFS is an LGBTQ-founded and led organization. It is the mission of LFS to rescue farmed animals and provide them with sanctuary and inspire humans to live with compassion and respect. The purpose of LFS is to reduce animal suffering and lead humanity to a kinder more sustainable future by connecting the seemingly disparate, but deeply connected issues of animal exploitation, social injustice, human health, and our environment. By connecting with individuals, educating the general public, and collaborating with organizations, LFS works to improve the lives of community members, human and nonhuman alike.

Location: MOUNT JOY, PA 17552

Phone Number: 717-991-2427


• Must have reliable transportation to a participating chapter

• Must be available to meet monthly time commitments (see application for varying sanctuary dates/times).